Reward vs Price: THIS determines if you'll hit your goals this year

life coaching Feb 02, 2023
The one thing that will determine whether you achieve success or not

Let's discuss the most crucial component that will determine whether you create the success you want to see in your life or not

  1. Price vs Reward and how it determines your actions
  2. Why REASONS are the one thing that will determine whether you achieve what you want out of life or not.



Being able to take a vision in your head and turn it into reality takes a certain level of focus and a lot “motivation”


While almost everyone at some point or another sets out to achieve a new goal......


Very few ever turn them into reality.


Why is that?


Does it have to do with them not really wanting that goal?




Did they not try hard?


Of course they tried hard (most anyways)


So why is that only a few people are able to turn those goals into reality while the rest seem to be stuck in wishes.


Over the years I’ve coached thousands of clients from ALL walks of life and there is one element that allows me to know whether or not a client is going to hit their goal or not........



Is the reward greater than the price?


Everything we do has a price.


The price of discipline.




The price of regret.


When you decide to spend your evenings watching extra episodes of your favorite show instead of making those extra phone calls, working out, learning and perfecting your craft, etc…..


That will have a cost.


Making those extra calls, working out, learning and perfecting your craft instead of watching your favorite episodes …..


That will also have a cost.


Every decision you make has a cost.


Here's something I've learned from my own personal experience as well as working with so many people from all walks of life…


The price of discipline weighs ounces


The price of regret weighs tons. 


It's usually the short term and immediate rewards that cost us the long term rewards.


The desire for immediate reward is what keeps people from taking the actions necessary to create the real results and success they want to see in their life


It's the things that are easy to do but easy not to do which is why most don't do them


So how do you actually bring yourself to take the actions you know you should do? 




It’s all about REASONS




What is the reward you will receive for the price you have to pay?


The reason most aren't willing to pay the price of engaging in simple disciplines each day is because the reward for them is not powerful enough.


When the reward is powerful enough, the price you pay will be insignificant.


If you are going to start changing the course of your life it's as simple as engaging in the easy things to do....


To do this, I suggest asking the following questions

  1. Why MUST this happen for you this year?
  2. How will your life be forever changed once this result occurs
  3. How will this geometrically improve your finances, fitness, health, mental health, relationships, business, etc?
  4. How will this positively affect those around you


Remember, with enough reasons, the answers will come.


If you catch yourself with a vision of what you want, but not taking action.....


Start by writing down as many REASONS as you can



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