4 Emotions That Can Change The Course Of Your Life

life coaching Feb 02, 2023
4 emotions that will change the course of your life.

Let's discuss the 4 emotions that can change the course of your life (for the better).


In this article I breakdown the following 4 emotions that can forever change your life

  1. Disgust
  2. Decision
  3. Desire
  4. Resolve


As long as you experience one of these emotions you have the chance at creating the results you want to see in your life.


If you experience all four --- you will be UNSTOPPABLE




Emotions are the most powerful force inside us.


They are what drive us.


Emotions are the fuel and our brain is the pilot.


Together they navigate the ship of progress or destruction.


Emotions are what bridge thought, feeling, and action.


So if you can get your emotions right, anything is possible.


Having coached so many people from all walks of life there is something I've learned about those who are able to make the shift and truly create lasting change in the direction they want to see.


Each of them experience at least one, a combination, or all of the following 4 emotions


  1. Disgust
  2. Decision
  3. Desire
  4. Resolve



When properly channeled disgust can truly move mountains.

Disgust is when you reach the point of no return.


It's when you've finally said "I've had it"


"Enough is enough"


" No more"


"I can't live like this any longer"


Perhaps it starts when a person realizes they haven't got the money to buy a simple $10 item. Disgusted they tell themselves that they will no longer allow themselves to be in a financial situation of despair where they can't even afford a $10 purchase.


It starts when someone goes to put on a pair of pants and realizes they aren't able to button the pants up. Disgusted with themselves they vow that this isn't going to happen again and decide to change their physique around.


It starts when someone is disgusted with their relationship life (or lack thereof) and decide they will no longer be caught in bad relationships or continue to be alone.


When the disgust becomes great enough that is when you reach the pain threshold -- the point of no return.


This is a truly powerful point because when utilized properly, the point of no return is when you can create geometric progress in ANY area of your life.



The Latin root word literally means "to cut off'.


When you truly make a decision about something, you are cutting off the possibility of anything else happening.


There's an old adage that states "If you want to take the island, burn the boats"


This was credited to Julius Caesar. As Julius Caesar and his soldiers landed on the coast setting out to conquer England, he realized that his soldiers were afraid and already mentally preparing to retreat as they were greatly outnumbered. 


To make a point, Caesar burned the boats to send a message that the only way off the island was if they conquered it.


Oftentimes when we set out on goals or a new adventure we create escapes and fall back plans in case we need to fall back or quit if the going gets tough.


When you have no other choice but to succeed, it creates a strong sense of faith, commitment, and discipline.


There is no going back, there is no escape plan, there are no other alternatives.


Decisions are powerful.


The challenge is that most of us don't like making decisions until we are forced to make one with our back against the wall.


Once at this point we also contend with conflicting emotions that come with each option.


Reaching a fork in the road or multiple forks in the road that leave us in internal emotional warfare.


Here's what you must understand about decision making.


Whatever you do, don't get stuck in paralysis by analysis.




It's far better to make a wrong decision than not make one at all.


At least when you make a wrong decision you will quickly get clarity about which way you need to go to get on the right path.


No decision means no clarity... only more confusion and dilemma.


Decide on what you want and go after it with all you got.




Desire is something that can't be taught.


You can't force desire.


Desire is something that comes from within and can be triggered by outside forces.


The key to creating desire is in having more experiences --- good and bad.


Positive experiences and create a strong sense of desire.


Being around someone who lives a life of luxury that you want to have.


A compelling song, movie, or book.


A great conversation with a friend or a speech that captivates.


Desire can also come from negative experiences


Being unable to buy something simple because you haven't got the money.


Getting winded by walking up a small flight of steps.


The key to creating desire in your life is to continue to open yourself to new and more experiences -- good and bad.


Don't be afraid to try new things, put yourself out there, and truly take in the moments.


Don't avoid potential disappointment.... embrace it, welcome it.


ALL experiences are good because ALL experiences inform us about what we want and don't want.


This gives us more clarity on how to continue progressing forward.



Resolve is all about the two most powerful words in the English language




There is nothing more powerful than a man or woman who decides "I will" with a goal.


It's do or die.


With that kind of conviction there is no stopping someone who says to themselves "I WILL achieve this thing or I will die trying" 


Resolve is all about promising yourself you will never give up.


We use the powerful of resolve all the times with babies.


How long should a baby try to walk before it's decided that they aren't going to be able to learn this?


How long do you give a baby to try and talk before you decide they should focus on a different skill because talking "isn't for them"




Any answers other than as long as it takes is absolutely crazy.


Imagine if your parents said "it's been 6 months and this baby hasn't walked yet, guess we will just teach them something else instead"



Disgust, decision, desire, resolve are the 4 emotions that will completely change your life if you learn to harness and tap into the power of them.


Make it a point to align yourself in these emotions and allow the power of them to take you to new heights this year and beyond.



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